The 6-week journey will be across the “southern transcontinental route”, covering southern sections of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida. Arrival at the finish line in St. Augustine, FL is projected for April 10, 2010.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around storms...

Hello everyone,
Well, after an overnight west of Oklahoma City Tuesday night Dave, Mike and Paula continued on to Amarillo, TX where the weather caused them to head south to Lubbock instead of west toward Albuquerque.  Old friends from Indian Knoll Elementary School days Dorsey and Char Baker got them to linger in Lubbock (ah, wouldn't that be a neat song or book title?)for a couple of hours.  Then it was on to El Paso and on into New Mexico and Arizona.  They drove on through the night as Dave and Mike switched driving responsibilities.  By noon today Dave said that they might even get to Pine Valley, CA (actually the first stop on Saturday when they are biking) for the night tonight.  Don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but Pine Valley Bible Camp and Conference Center is the spot where Dave and I have been going each January for CFOI North America meetings.  It is a beautiful camp with very nice facilities.  When we were there this past January Dave borrowed a bike from one of the staff members to train in the hills around the camp.  So they are expecting him to bike there on the 27th but not to appear tonight.

Today was a day for me to pull in all the loose ends and run around getting items that Dave has requested--new battery for his laptop, car charge cords for our phones (they were out of them when we bought the phones)--getting some complicated banking done and paying bills.  I will be trying to get on a 10 AM flight to San Diego tomorrow.  Our good friend Bob Howard will be picking me up at 7 AM.  

I wish you could all see the beautiful map that our good friend Uwe Gsedl made for the church to follow Dave's trip.  He will be adding pictures as he gets them from Dave and our church family can put arrows on the map tracking the progress.  It is several feet long and locates the overnights, mileage overall and between points.  

Start day is getting really close.  

Love and blessings,

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