The 6-week journey will be across the “southern transcontinental route”, covering southern sections of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida. Arrival at the finish line in St. Augustine, FL is projected for April 10, 2010.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anastasia State Park and the Atlantic Dip

Hi Everybody,
Dave and I started with breakfast on the beach with David and Gloria Botten (Paula and Mike stayed back to walk on the beach).  After breakfast the Bottens and the Runyans drove north a ways to a lovely farmers market and walked among the vendors.  Felt just like being with Meg at one of her markets.  We then came back to the RV park to get Paula and Mike and the motorhome and trailer to drive up to Anastasia State Park for the ceremonial wheel dipping.  We waited until 1:50 and then the guys started their ride through the parking lot, onto a boardwalk out to the beach.  The first sand was too soft to ride on so they carried their bikes until we reached the hardpacked sand.  Then they rode into the water.  They lifted the bikes high into the air in victory.  Mike put his bike down and walked into the ocean.  Dave got into a conversation with a family who had been watching all of this.  Then we noticed a couple coming toward us and, lo and behold, they were CFO people from the North Florida camp who had read the emails from the CFO office.  Joe and Bonnie Trauerman had been looking for us and when the guys raised their bikes in the air they figured they had found us.  What a wonderful surprise.
We visited for a while, walked back to the parking lot, and packed up.

Thanks to Walt and Veba Clark and Bob Ream who called us just as we were getting to the beach.  Thanks to all of you who have emailed, called, prayed, sent good thoughts, and donated to the cause.  It is not too late to contribute.  You can go to the website for instructions on how to contribute on-line or mail a check directly to Harlan Glover, 120 Indian Village Rd., Shapleigh, ME 04076 made out to CFOI, with Pedal 4 Peace in the memo.

The rest of the day was spent walking around old St. Augustine.  So much to see, lots of tourists, endless history tidbits and more, beautiful buildings both old and replicas, Flagler College which was built as an exclusive resort for the wealthy, and finally a delicious dinner at O.C. White's located right across from the marina and the Lions' Bridge.

We had to retrace our steps through town to the parking lot and then drove to Bottens for coffee.  They drove us back to the RV at 9 PM.  

We will leave early in the morning for Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Fairfield Glade, TN.  We will be at Ann and Howard Swan's for the night.  We should be in West Chicago late on Monday.

There's dancing in the street, wild celebrating, toasts to a great trip, confetti in the air, bands playing, and speeches made--at least in our heads.  It is with humble pride that we say thanks to God for safety and strength and for all the wonderful people along the way and at home.  We live in a beautiful, diverse country, and we have enjoyed a lot of it over the last six weeks.  

Love and blessings,

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