The 6-week journey will be across the “southern transcontinental route”, covering southern sections of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida. Arrival at the finish line in St. Augustine, FL is projected for April 10, 2010.

Friday, March 26, 2010

crawfish, cajun, and company

Hi everybody,
After the guys left on their bikes this AM, Katy, Paula and I took the motorhome to Kite Brothers RV repair to see if they could fix the hazard lights (they won't flash), the generator (it won't stay on for more than 10  minutes), and put more air in the tires.  Mark helped us and was really friendly.  It took only 1/2 hour and when it came to the bill he said that he felt bad about charging us the minimum amount for an hour of work that only took 1/2 so gave us a really good deal.  they sent Katy to the NAPA store for a part while Paula and I shopped at Walmart.  then we drove to a local grocery store and picked up some newspapers with the bikers pictures on the front page!!

Later during a stop in Manou, LA, we sent the bikers off and went to follow along but the motorhome wouldn't start.  I tried it again and again, but there was nothing.  Paula ran out and tried to yell loud enough to get Katy to hear, but they were too far away.  Our phones had not been working for a while but we called them anyway and could barely make them understand, but Mike started back.  there was a man spraying weeds around the area where we were parked and he came over when Mike got back.  After Dave had tried several things they decided the battery was dead.  So they used the guy's truck to jump the RV and it started right up.  Haven't been able to explain the reason for the dead battery for sure.  So it will be one more thing that we will have to think about before getting started each time.

On to Washington, LA where we will spend the night.  Saw lots of crawfish ponds and rice fields today.  This part of the country is so different than what we have seen so far.  As you all know the graves in the cemeteries are above ground.  The first one we saw was so startling with everything so crowded together and white with colorful bouquets everywhere.  I was driving and trying to take a picture so what I have so far isn't very good. Paula tried with my camera the next time but pushed the off button instead. Surely we will see more.

As we drove into the RV park Carrie and Zach and Isaac were waving and yelling at us.  That was so exciting!  They had arrived about an hour before.  Again we have a crazy park to stay in.  I think Troy would like to have moved but we are staying.  Willie's Washington Campground--bar--mobile home park.  the bathrooms are in the bar, no showers, but there are washing machines.  The good ole boys have gone home early, thank goodness.  We grilled out brats and hamburgers tonight after putting up two tents.  

Good to be with family and nearing the goal.  We hope to eat cajun tomorrow night.  At least some fish!!


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