The 6-week journey will be across the “southern transcontinental route”, covering southern sections of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida. Arrival at the finish line in St. Augustine, FL is projected for April 10, 2010.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

lazy day in Louisiana

Hi everybody,
Hosanna! Hosanna!!  Hosanna to the King of Kings!!  Happy Palm Sunday!

Our church experience today at the First Baptist Church of St. Francisville was less than ideal.  It is a beautiful church building but not a soul greeted us or talked to us afterward.  The service was nice.  The choir of 20 put on a musical play called "Come and See".  There were four actors who portrayed a widow, her young son, a blind beggar and Simon Peter.  The choir sang with recorded accompaniment.  It was very good and the two female soloists had nice voices.  The pastor gave a short sermon after the play and there were a few vocal "amens" at appropriate places.  Carrie took Isaac to the nursery and he did well there.  Zach stayed with us in the sanctuary.  The announcements were at the end of the service and the pastor even said that there were visitors in the audience and asked the people to greet them.  No one did.  We got one nodded hello in the hall outside the sanctuary.  Carrie said that the nursery people were very nice. 

We enjoyed a ride into the historic part of town and had lunch at 8 Sisters restaurant.  It was a small place but the food and friendly atmosphere were top notch.  The shrimp and sausage gumbo was absolutely delicious.  The host paid lots of attention to us and explained the dishes and the town to us.  We bought extra gumbo to eat tomorrow.  We asked about "ooey, gooey" on the menu and he brought us some to taste.  It is a sugar based dessert that is just yummy.  We even got an extra one to take home.  The host informed us that he was NOT one of the sisters!

We walked over to a cute house, now an antique store, and just looked around. It was no time before we had to head back to the RV site and get Katy packed up to go to Baton Rouge for her flight to Chicago.  Carrie and I drove her down with stops along the way to take pictures of some old plantation homes, a Presbyterian church, and a tiny sheriff's office.  We will miss Katy riding along with us both in the RV and on the bikes.  She showed herself to be a strong biker, a great photographer, and a willing participant in the adventure.

Tonight we had a fire and roasted hot dogs and had s'mores.  There was a great need for showers after that.  Zach and Isaac loved the old pool table in the game room and we all had a chance at playing various versions of pool with them.  We befriended two dogs who live here in the park--Mollie and Max.  They especially liked us at mealtimes.

Tomorrow is Carrie's birthday!  Happy 41!!!

We loved this park and have had a wonderful day of rest.

Love and blessings,

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